Worship Wednesday ~ The Lord Who Heals

I learned something pretty amazing about the heart of God this week that I simply | MUST | share with you!  It comes from a verse in Exodus. The Israelites had just been delivered from Pharaoh’s army, but within days, they lost faith in God and began grumbling again. The Lord said to His people,

The word Hebrew word for heals in this scripture is raphah, which means to mend by stitching, repair thoroughly, make whole.  The Lord takes our broken pieces and literally STITCHES them back together to make us whole again.

Take a moment to just soak that in.  

The first thing that came to my mind was my grandma (pictured above).  She is quite a talented seamstress and loves to do counted cross-stitch in her spare time.  I have watched her spend hours on this labor of love. I say labor because counted cross-stitch is intense! She invests time in selecting the exact shade of string that she needs in a given section. She gathers the fabric in her hands, shines a light directly on it, and then precisely counts the tiny squares on the fabric to make sure she is sewing in just the right spot. She then does this over… and over… and over. It seems tedious, but she has a vision. It’s hard to predict the end result from the tiny details. Yet, after many hours of this intimate experience with the fabric, a beautiful piece of artwork emerges.  We can all step back and see her vision come to fruition. And it is magnificent.

My favorite cross-stitch from my Grandma, based on The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

I love this imagery because it reminds me that God actively pursues an intimate, up close, and personal encounter with us!  To sew us back together, He must literally hold us in His hands and focus intently on every detail. It takes a vision. It takes time. It takes precision.  It takes… gulp…  a NEEDLE!

The process of healing often hurts. We must remember that with every painful penetration, His intentions are to heal us properly and make us whole again. For the process to go more smoothly, we must allow our hearts and our spirits to be pliable in His hands.

Is God trying to heal an area in your life? Have you fully submitted to His authority so that He can properly stitch you back together? I am ready to be pliable in my Savior's hands, receptive to His vision for my life. I can't wait to see what beautiful art He will create with our lives when we give Him full reign the Lord of our EVERYTHING!

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  1. Ooh, I love the way you bring the image of being repaired by God to life! This part, "He must literally hold us in His hands and focus intently on every detail. It takes a vision. It takes time." can be both wonderful and scary!


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