10 Things I Wish I Knew My First Day Teaching

There's no doubt about it. The secret to a successful first day of teaching is being prepared! But what exactly does that look like? How do you plan ahead for something you have never experienced? The truth is, your first day of teaching will be both exciting and stressful, and you probably won't think of everything. You might have trouble falling asleep the night before, you may even have nightmares about your first day going terribly, and you will probably wake up feeling slightly queazy. At least I find this to be true for myself. Every. Single. Year.

This post shares solutions to problems I wasn't expecting my first day as a new teacher. Learn from my mistakes so you can have a successful first day teaching! // Adventures of a Schoolmarm

But don't worry! As Tonja and I continue our series for new teachers, we want to share the 10 Things we WISH someone had told us before our first day of teaching! I will be sharing 5 specific things here, and Tonja will share 5 more on her blog, so make sure you click through to read all 10. We are confident that these 10 Things will help you be SO much better prepared for your first day of school that we ever were!

Tips for Building a Positive Classroom Culture

What are the best ways to build
positive classroom culture?

Would you believe me if I told you that classrooms with a positive culture all have ONE thing in common? I know, given the variety of classrooms around the world, that's hard to believe. How could it possibly just be ONE thing? But research shows that there really is ONE MAGIC INGREDIENT!    

In his book Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind (which I highly recommend!), Eric Jensen explains that the one thing classrooms with positive culture all have in common is ACADEMIC OPTIMISM. Simply put, students that experience a classroom filled with hope and positive energy try harder. This makes learning more fun for students, which helps sustain their energy and efforts, and the positive cycle continues. This post will share 3 guidelines to help you build and maintain a positive culture in your classroom, whether you are a brand new teacher or an established veteran. Each guideline will also include a variety of strategies and tips for implementation. This will be especially helpful for new teachers as you establish the climate of your very first classroom!

How to Mentally Prepare for your First Year Teaching

Do you need ideas about how to prepare
for your first year teaching? 

So, you got the call. Yes, that call. The one that said, "You're hired!" You probably did a happy dance or updated your Facebook status before it really sunk in. And now? You feel this mixture of excitement and overwhelm. Your To Dos have started swirling around in your brain, along with ideas for classroom management, classroom decorations, and lesson ideas. You have no idea where to even start. Sound about right? Welcome to life as a first-year teacher! 

Do you need ideas about how to prepare for your first year teaching?  Are you overwhelmed with no idea where to start? This post focuses on strategies to mentally prepare for your first year of teaching. // Adventures of a Schoolmarm

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You rocked your interview. You were the best candidate and they believe in you. They want YOU on their team. This is such a great accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself!!! There is nothing like your first year teaching. It will be filled with a whirlwind of emotions, but we are here to help. The Backstage Pass to Teaching Series will be coming to you every Monday to walk you through all the steps of getting ready for your first year.
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