One Word Resolution: Persist!

Let's be honest. I love the idea of a good New Year's Resolution... but I've never done a very good job at keeping any of them!  Nonetheless, there is something exciting about envisioning a fresh start. Preparing for the new year always makes me feel hopeful for the future!

I am linking up today with the gals at Primary Powers for a fun New Year's linky party. The goal is to choose ONE WORD that you can focus on over the next year to help you be more successful.  Just one word. 

I doubt you will need to labor long and hard over the word to choose. My word immediately popped into my head because it is close to my heart. 


1. to continue steadfastly or firmly 
in some state, purpose, or course of action, 
especially in spite of opposition

2. to last or endure tenaciously

Maybe I am setting myself up for failure by choosing this word as my resolution since the very lack of it is what has kept me from achieving resolutions in the past. I have a feeling, though, that if I give up the "end product" that I have in mind and just PERSIST, it will be more likely that I get there. 

Do I want to lose weight and live a more healthy lifestyle? Yes! But I am not going to put a number on it. I am going to PERSIST. 

Does my new position feel overwhelming because we are essentially building up our teacher mentorship program from ground zero? Yes! But I am going to get there one day at a time. I am going to PERSIST. 

Do I want to blog more? Yes! Sometimes I get stuck in the trap of thinking, Who would want to read what I have to say? I feel silly blogging some of my ideas for the classroom. But I have been encouraged by other blogging friends to just do it! They insist that if I PERSIST, it will get easier and feel more natural. 

Do I want to be completely debt-free? YES!!! Sometimes my husband and I feel like we will never get there (which makes it easier to spend frivolously), but I know that by simplifying life and sticking to the Dave Ramsey plan, we WILL get there. We will PERSIST!  


  1. Getting to the "debt-free" place is so hard to do isn't it? I try hard to be there as well.
    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. Great word! When the going gets tough... right? Have a great year!

  3. Great word choice, Beth! It's not about getting to the goal, it's the work you put toward the goal. Always be better than you were the day before. That's way more attainable. You won't fail! It's going to be a great year.

    Oh, SNAP! Blog

  4. Love your word, so I took it!

    It really is a great word that could have deep meaning to all. Thanks!
    Mrs. Ashline's Rules

  5. What a great word! Have a great year! I know the feeling of getting excited about resolutions and yet.... when it's time to really push through, I don't follow through with resolutions.


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