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I am linking up with Kristen from Chalk and Apples and the Teaching Trio Blog for Technology Thursday today! This is only my 2nd ever "linky party", but I can tell these are going to be a lot of fun! I have been wanting to start blogging more, so I think they will be my inspiration.  (If only I had caught on to this idea at the beginning of the summer! Haha!)

Hands-down, without a doubt, my absolute FAVORITE addition to my classroom last year was the website!!!  I signed up for a free account (repeat--FREE!!!) to use in my classroom the same day I heard about it… and I was NOT disappointed is a website that is dedicated solely to providing engaging Brain Breaks for kids! They have different activities that are designed to CALM, ENERGIZE, and FOCUS kids. 

I already had my computer linked to my Interactive SMART Board, so I just displayed the videos on my board.  The kids would spread out around the room to have some fun! 

This is  an overview that I found to be helpful of different videos that are found on the site .

After you sign up for GoNoodle, you will get to choose a class champ. I saved this to do it with my students so they could be a part of the process!  Your class champ grows bigger and stronger with every 15 minutes that the kids spend on GoNoodle.

So, which parts do my kids love the best???

Run with Us is definitely my students' favorite! They love learning how to prepare for the event from real-life Olympic athletes.

My kids LOVE the hurdles events the MOST!!! They laugh so hard whenever it comes time to jump a hurdle.

Maximo is also a huge crowd pleaser! I love this video of a class using Maximo to help them calm down. (Fast forward to about 40 seconds in because it's a little slow to get started.)  How cute are they?!

Zumba Kids is also a big hit!  The kids will BEG me for a chance to do the "I Like to Move it" song and dance!

I am confident if you try Go Noodle that you will love it as much as I do! I shared it with the teachers in my building last year. A few people started implementing it at my school and had so many positive things to say about it. One teacher with a particularly challenging class was even able to use her data from Class Dojo (another favorite of mine!) to PROVE that once she implemented Go Noodle, her students' positive learning behaviors increased by more than 25%!!!


  1. I absolutely love using GoNoodle! This year, it's my reward for when students win Teacher vs. Student each day. So far, they love the Zumba and Maximo videos!
    Teaching Trio
    Chalk & Apples on TPT

    1. I love it, too! We had a 4 hour block in the morning for reading and math before lunchtime… with no break! I start using Go Noodle to give them a brain break between reading and math. It really helped!!


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