Positive Thinking Thursday

I am also joining up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings today for Positive Thinking Thursday. 

This is the perfect addition to my blog as I just completed the Awakened book study by Angela Watson, which helped me focus on changing my mindset to transform my teaching. As an educator in a 100% poverty, urban setting, I can often be overwhelmed by the pressures that come along with urban teaching (and teaching in general)!  It's easy to get discouraged, so deliberately focusing on the positive needs to be a part of my daily decisions. :) 

This is one of my favorite teaching quotes because it reminds me how important it is to take the time to really care for my students' hearts, not just teach their minds.  Yes, the standards are important. But at the end of the day, what I care about the most is that my students know how much they are genuinely LOVED


  1. I teach in a 90-something percent poverty school in an urban setting and I too get overwhelmed with all of the different pressures that come along with teaching those students. I would never want to teach anywhere else, but it can definitely be hard at times. As I'm preparing to start school back up I will keep this quote in the front of my mind! :-) Thank you!

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  2. Hi, I linked up to Wordless Wednesday (a day late!) and I found your blog...I would like to wish you good luck on a new school year! Stop by sometime to say hi :)

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