Teacher Binder for Organization (Lifetime Binder) 2014-15 {Rainbow Chevron Edition}

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I am so excited about this product! I absolutely love organization and planning tools. Believe it or not, last year (my 10th year teaching!!!) was the first year that I created an organized teacher binder (well, actually a combination of binders).  Let me tell you, they saved me so many times! I always told myself I wanted to do it, but never took the time.  Last year, I finally took the time, and it really paid off. I loved how the binders helped me stay on top of things, keep things organized better, and just looked put-together. They decreased my stress levels exponentially. And it didn't hurt that they were cute and coordinated. :)  

It is my hope that this colorful chevron binder will help YOU stay organized all year, too! Don't let the overwhelming task of creating these resources stop you because I have put it all together for you in one convenient PDF. 

This 144-page file includes yearly, weekly, and monthly calendars (with holidays included). The binder also has an entire section of helpful documents to create for a substitute teacher and common classroom forms. The contents of this file can be used to create a very large binder of all resources or broken into smaller binders. (I personally like to split mine into smaller binders.) I hope there is such a variety that there is something for everyone--print only what you need or will use!

This is NOT currently editable, but it will be updated to contain editable fields on the forms in the future. If you have recommendations of pages that I could add to the binder, please email me at bethannfrueh@gmail.com. As pages are added, the binder updates will always be available to re-download! 

Features include: 

  • LIFETIME BINDER: purchase once, re-download updated file each year (my favorite feature!!!)

  • Color and Blackline options

  • Colorful binder covers and spine options (4 sizes)

  • Calendars (monthly, weekly, and yearly)

  • Student information forms, including class roster, birthdays, IEPs, summary sheets and more

  • Substitute Teacher Forms (see details below)

  • Grade Book forms options

  • Lesson planning option (2-page spread for 1 week with 7 subjects)

  • Parent Contact Logs, and more!


Teacher Binder (color cover sheet) p. 1

 All About Me—Teaching information sheet p. 2

Schedule (color cover sheet) p. 3

• Schedule forms—Generic and Monday-Friday (color and blackline) p. 4-15

Class Roster (color cover sheet) p. 16

• Class Roster form (blackline) p. 17

Student Information (color cover sheet) p. 18

• Student Information form (blackline) p. 19

• Student ID form p. 20

• Birthdays (color and blackline) p. 21-22

Grade Book (color cover sheet) p. 23

• Grade Book form 20 students (blackline) p. 24

• Grade Book form 20 students (blackline) p. 25

• Grade Book form 20 students (blackline) p. 26

Curriculum Calendar (color cover sheet) p. 27

Calendar (color cover sheet) p. 28

• Monthly Calendars with holidays (color) p. 29-40

• Monthly Calendars with holidays (blackline) p. 41-52

• Weekly Calendars (color) p. 53-54

• Weekly Calendars (blackline) p. 55-56

(Note: I print the weekly calendars front/back, then place them behind each monthly calendar. I add a sticky tab (Post-it brand) to label the month calendar, then have enough weekly planner pages behind it for the month. I do this so that it looks like many of the popular planners you can purchase in the store.)

Year at a Glance (color cover sheet) p. 57

• Year at a Glance form (color) p. 58-59

• Year at a Glance form (blackline) p. 60-61

Pacing Guide (color cover sheet) p. 62

Lesson Plans (color cover sheet) p. 63

• Lesson Plans form (2-page spread/week for 7 subjects) p. 64-65
(This is designed to look like traditional lesson plan books that you handwrite plans onto. I use this to plan an overview of my lesson plans, then type more detailed ones on my own. I print it front/back and punch holes in it so that it looks like a traditional plan book.)

Parent Contact Log (color cover sheet) p. 66

• Parent Contact Numbers (blackline) p. 67

• Parent Contact Log—Individual Student (blackline) p. 68

• Parent Contact Log—Multiple Students (blackline) p. 69

Meeting Notes (color cover sheet) p. 70

• Meeting Notes form (blackline) p. 71

Intervention (color cover sheet) p. 72

• Math Intervention Log (blackline) p. 73

• Reading/Language Arts Intervention Log (blackline) p. 74

• Reading Intervention Log (blackline) p. 75

• Writing Intervention Log (blackline) p. 76

Substitute Information (color cover) p. 77

• Class Rules form (color) p. 78

• Class Procedures form (color) p. 79

• Transportation (color) p. 80

• Allergies (color) p. 81

• Emergency Procedures (color) p. 82

• Dear Teacher Sub Teacher Summary Form (blackline) p. 83

• Contact Information form (blackline) p. 84

• Class Rules (blackline) p. 85

• Class Procedures form (blackline) p. 86

• Transportation (blackline) p. 87

• Allergies (blackline) p. 88

• Emergency Procedures (blackline) p. 89

IEPs (color cover) p. 90

• IEP at a Glance form (blackline/front-back) p. 91-92

Other Color Covers

• 504 Plans (color cover) p. 93

• IEPs and 504 Plans (color cover) p. 94

• Data (color cover) p. 95

• Benchmarks (color cover) p. 96

• Standards (color cover) p. 97

• Common Core (color cover) p. 98

• English (color cover) p. 99

• Reading (color cover) p. 100

• Writing (color cover) p. 101

• ELA (color cover) p. 102

• Math (color cover) p. 103

• Science (color cover) p. 104

• Social Studies (color cover) p. 105

• Accelerated Reader Goals (color cover) p. 106

• DIBELS (color cover) p. 107

• Reading Fluency (color cover) p. 108

• Blank—Create Your Own (color cover) p. 109

Binder Spines Directions p. 110

• 1 inch spines (color) p. 111-115

• 1.5 inch spines (color) p. 116-122

• 2 inch spines (color) p. 123-131

• 3 inch spines (color) p. 132-144

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