End of the Year ABC Memory Book (Grades K-6)

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Students will love creating this collaborative end-of-the-year ABC memory book together. My 3rd grade class works collaboratively to complete this book during the last few weeks of school, and it is always a lot of fun. I have included a variety of stationary so that you can adapt this project to meet the needs of students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.  The timeline below is a description of how I use the book, but you can adapt the ideas to best fit your own classroom.

Timeline of Activities: 

We brainstorm ideas for words that could work for each letter of the alphabet. We choose words that describe topics and concepts we have studied (such as  place value, endangered animals, or geographic landforms). We also choose words that represent experiences, such as field trips and other special days at school.  Sometimes we have to get a little creative because certain letters are difficult! You can use the planning page to brainstorm as a class, or copy it for individual students to all brainstorm their ideas.

I let students identify their word preferences, but I assign a letter and word to each student. This ensures that all letters are covered once and a variety of topics are included from the entire school year.  Some students complete two letters if I have less than 26 students in my homeroom.

Students write a rough-draft paragraph explaining the word and the memory with it. For example, if we went on a field trip to listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra, the student might write about what kind of music or composers were played and what the experience felt like.

Students peer-edit and revise their paragraphs.  I conference with each student to make sure that the information included is accurate.
Students handwrite their final copies on the lettered stationary provided in this resource. I remind them to write neatly and press firmly so that the print will photocopy well. I have my students leave the top blank so they can add their own pictures. I like to print pictures I have taken during the year so they can paste them in like a scrapbook.
I often let students design original covers, and then we vote on the front and back covers as a class. I have also provided covers if that is easier.

Once all students have completed their submission(s).  I usually add a photo of each student to the page. I like to use the little sticker photos that we get from the yearbook company. 

I put them in alphabetical order and photocopy their originals front to back, including autograph pages at the back. I add the front and back covers, then staple down the left side like a book.

•  When they are finished, these books make a great scrapbook of learning experiences throughout the year that all students can take home.  I hope you enjoy this project. Thank you for your purchase!

Table of Contents

Introduction (page 3)

Alphabet Grid Planning Page (page 4)

Color Covers Grades K-6 (pages 5-11)

Blackline Covers Grades K-6 (pages 12-18)

Intermediate Lined Alphabet Book Paper (pages 19-44)

Intermediate Line Alphabet Book Paper with middle dotted line (pages 45-70)

Primary Lined Alphabet Book Paper (pages 71-96)

Autograph Pages

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