New Year's Celebrations Around the World (A Literacy and Social Studies Unit)

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This New Year's thematic unit teaches how 8 different countries in the world celebrate this holiday. It includes: student book (color and blackline), 12 vocabulary words, vocabulary worksheets, graphic organizers (including several that are not story specific, so they can be reused), student postcard book (writing), writing prompt (3 levels), countries/capitals flash cards, word sort, mapping worksheet, and countries "fast facts" posters. I designed this unit to be used with my 3rd graders, but it could easily be used in both 2nd and 4th grade, as well as with older students with special needs.

Book/Posters Color Version (pages 3-11)
This version is great to print and laminate. I have used it to incorporate into a large interactive bulletin board. I have also used it to display on my Whiteboard to read as a class.

Book/Posters Blackline Version (pages 12-20)
This version is great to print in a book format for students. Students can underline key words in the text as well as color the pages.

Language Art Resources. . . . . . . . . . . pages 21-53
  • Vocabulary Cards (can be used as flash cards, match, or concentration) p. 21-23
  • Vocabulary Worksheets (ABC Order, definitionmatch, word maps, Draw It!) p. 24-27
  • KWL+ (color and blackline) p. 28-29
  • Key Words Notes p. 30-311
  • Venn Diagram (color and blackline) p. 32-33
  • Alphaboxes (blackline) p. 34
  • Writing Prompt (primary and intermediate lined, differentiated support p. 35-37
  • Post Cards (color and blackline) p.38-54

Social Studies Resources. . . . . . . . . . Pages 55-72
  • Country and Capital Cities match cards p. 55-56
  • Word Sort (Countries with continents and/or hemispheres) p. 57-63
  • World Map Labeling (color and blackline) p. 64-65
  • Country Flag Posters p. 66-73
I have included thumbnails of all the pages included in this unit below. 

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