Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Technology (Chapter 16)

I am linking up with A Rocky Top Teacher for our best practice book study on Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia Tate. This week is all about technology! I feel like this is such a HUGE topic, so I am going to share just a few ideas that I use to incorporate technology that I think are unique. 

When I first started teaching, I worked with middle school students that were labeled emotionally disturbed. Many times, they had other secondary disabilities that made learning a challenge. Technology was a huge motivational tool for my kids, so I tried to incorporate it whenever possible!

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Manipulatives, Experiments, Labs, and Models (Chapter 7)

I am linking up with Deanna Jump for our best practice book study on Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia Tate. I am super behind on this study, but I am doing my best to catch up! I know that a lot of the linky parties are going to be closed, but I really still want to participate. Thankfully, Deanna's was still open for today! :D

I feel like I do a good job at incorporating manipulatives and models into my lessons… but I could do SO MUCH better about incorporating labs and experiments! 

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Role Plays, Drama, Pantomimes, Charades, and Storytelling (Chapter 14 and 15)

I am linking up with the Kinder Gals for Chapters 14 and 15 of our best practice book study! I have really enjoyed going through the different strategies in this book and reflecting on how I use them in my own teaching practice. This study was such a great idea! :D

Have your students represent data by lining up in a human bar graph. Then stand on a chair and snap a picture of the graph from aerial view!  (I know I have a picture of this, but I can’t find it!)


Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Reciprocal Teaching and Cooperative Learning (Chapter 13)

I am linking up today with Falling into First for Chapter 13 of our best practices book study. Let me start off by saying… I LOVE COOPERATIVE LEARNING!!! When I first started teaching, my district required all of its new teachers to attend training about cooperative learning strategies. We met over the course of a year and explored many of Kagan’s Cooperative Learning Structures.  I loved these structures because they really helped me ensure that I was meeting the guidelines for true cooperative learning experiences.

Positive Interdependence
Individual Accountability
Equal Participation
Simultaneous Interaction

One of my favorite cooperative learning structures is Fan-N-Pick. It works really well for practicing vocabulary terms, math facts flash cards practice, or any other type of review. I've used it with third graders up through eighth graders, and they always LOVE it! It only takes a few minutes to learn the process, which can be applied in so many ways.

Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites - Project/Problem-Based Learning (Chapter 12)

I am linking up today with First Grader... At Last for chapter 12 of our best practices book study. I have been a bit MIA from the blogging world due to being out of town and getting awfully sick! But I plan to get caught back up and post about the chapters I have missed. :D

I really feel like I could do a lot of improving in this area of instruction. While I do a lot of the ideas listed in the text, I still feel like I could do more with STEM projects. I have tried several STEM in the past, and they were always a lot of fun!

One of my favorite interdisciplinary, project-based units that I have done is my Season of Giving entrepreneurship unit that I did with my 4th graders in my previous school district. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I collaborated with another teacher on my grade level to write the unit. Then we implemented it with all five teachers in the fourth grade.


Worship Wednesday - Praise Despite Circumstances

I am so sorry for the late posting... but I have been in Washington, D.C. this since Saturday! I had the best of intentions of writing a blog post when I returned home Tuesday night, but in all honesty, my bed seemed much more inviting! :) 

I will blog more about my trip in the future, but for now I wanted to share what really encouraged my faith this week. It seems odd to me to say this, but my favorite part of my trip to Washington, D.C. was my trip to the Holocaust Museum. 
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