Worship Wednesday - Results-Oriented Prayer

"God wants to get us out of the habit of results-oriented prayer."
~Beth Moore

This past week, my friends and I met for session 6 of Beth Moore's Bible study, Jesus, the One and Only. This study has been such a great addition to my Lenten journey this year. This session in particular focused on our Lord's prayer. 

When I heard Beth say the quote above, it convicted my heart! So often, the focus of my prayers is what I want from God... whether it's petitions for people I know and love or for myself. I quickly skip to the part where I tell God what I want HIM to do for ME. Wow. How can prayer, which is a good practice, so easily bring out my selfish nature? It's really humbling to think about! 

There have been many times in my life that it seems God is silent to my prayers and petitions. I have come to accept that many times, His answer is no because He can see the bigger picture. But what about when He is just silent? When He doesn't provide a clear no OR yes? Beth says those moments are when God wants to grow us so we don't NEED results to drive our prayer life... but rather, our prayer life is driven by our love for Him and desire to be in relationship with Him. 

Honestly, my prayer life until now has definitely been driven more by my need for RESULTS than my need for RELATIONSHIP. Can anyone else relate? This is definitely something I am going to actively work on from this point forward. 

I hope you all have a blessed week!

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