Welcome to Our Town! (Part 2)

UntitledWhat it is:
This map will serve as an interactive, standards-based bulletin board created by my 3rd-grade students featuring an assimilation of many different standards and skills. These standards and skills will be taught through an interdisciplinary unit that addresses academic content standards in Math, Social Studies, and English/Language Arts.

* Students will use a ruler to accurately measure and create a 1-inch by 1-inch grid covering each colored square block of the map. They will label the grid with corresponding letter-number coordinates. (Math)

* Students will create a 3-dimensional structure of their personal business using 2-dimensional plane figures drawn on grid paper. (Math)

* Students will determine which businesses will go on each block. They will design where access roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and grass will go. They will determine the area of the coordinate grid that represents each object in order to accurately measure colored paper representing access roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and grass. (Math)

* Students will use cardinal directions (north, east, south west) to write directions from one place to another on the map. (Social Studies)

* Students will use different marketing strategies to generate potential business, including writing a "jingle" or "limerick" using rhyme and iambic pentameter.  (English/Language Arts)

* Students will write a persuasive letter to the town mayor regarding a controversial social issue in the neighborhood. (English/Language Arts)

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